We offer you our flour made from wheat, buckwheat and spelt. The grains are milled on a regular basis, because we are aware of all the advantages of a freshly ground product, their difference in smell and taste. There is nothing better than the morning smell of freshly baked bread. Check our offer of flour ->


Groats are made by grounding whole grains. You can use it to many different dishes – »gres« for breakfast will give you the feeling of care-free childhood days of children in Slovenia, you can also prepare soup dumplings or they can also form the basis of a pudding. Which is your favourite? Check our offer of groats ->


A sweet, sweet offer – do you prefer floral, chestnut, honeydew, acacia or fir honey? You differentiate them according to colour, aroma, taste and composition. You can use it to make sweets, side dishes or eat it with a spoon. Check our offer of honey ->



At your request we also mill small quantity of grains and enable you to use the grain grown by yourself.

We offer you the possibility to clean and mill the grains, that you yourself have grown. We are aware that the milled product has its shelf life and that when stored for too long it losses most of its nutrients, flavour and quality itself. We clean and mill even smaller amount of grain and always enable you to have a fresh product.


Did you know that…

  • Bees fly out of the hive 7-17 times a day and that each flight takes about half an hour?
  • Liquid honey can crystallise into hard state, but does not spoil at it? To get it back into liquid state we should heat it with temperatures of up to 40 °C.
  • On each of its flights one worker bee brings between 50 and 60 milligrams of nectar? For 1 kilogram of honey you need 3 or 4 kilograms of nectar.

We also offer you chestnut, honeydew, floral, acacia and fir honey.




We mill our grain ourselves with the slow friction of two stones. That is how we can always get a high-quality product with the vitamins and minerals retained and with a nice smell.


We do not use any chemical additions, pesticides or toxins.


A rich and diverse offer


We do not mill our grain on stock and so retain the freshness and the nutritional value of the product


All of the products are of a 100% Slovenian origin


We take care to keep our ecological footprint at a minimum and to reduce the amount of waste